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Art Of debt Management

A Reference Guide For Your Optimum Debt Solutions.

The Keys To Release The Shackles Of Debt

International author of the Book “Art of Debt Management,” Debt Management Expert, successful entrepreneur, artist and Certified/Registered NLP coach Liv Babra rose from personal loss to thriving businessman and is now dedicated to helping people live a debt-free life—providing solutions that guide them on a path to personal financial recovery and freedom.

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art of debt management

Overview & Preview

20 Chapters

87 Pages

Many Canadians face financial crises at some time in their lives. While some debt problems require professional assistance, most are easily resolved if they’re caught early enough. The key to such resolutions is admitting you have a problem managing your personal financial life—and taking control of it.

Otherwise, like a disease, personal debt will advance—unrestrained—into a compounded fear. And it’ll exhaust your energy and finances, strain your relationships, and challenge your mental and physical health, along the way.

This book helps readers to determine the nature and severity of their debt issues and offers suggestions for both solving them, and avoiding them in the future. Covering areas such as “the danger signs,” student loans, and the distinction between proposals and bankruptcies, Art of Debt Management provides practical, intuitive advice for individuals suffering financial difficulties.

An excellent book that contains a load of information in an easy to understand format for anyone struggling with debt. Liv Babra has put together a great tool for everyone to understand better debt management, especially those with no concept of how to move through and out of debt. I am very pleased with this book

Tirchander Kanwar

This book is very well written and easy to read and understand. There are worksheets and excellent support spreadsheets to help the reader assess their financial situation, make a budget, and other relevant worksheets. This book would be an excellent primer for Grade 12 students about to enter the world of adult responsibility for their money. Even if the parents are paying the bills, this will help explain the consequences of debt. Plenty of references to online sources as well. Social service organizations should offer this as well, to help those in financial constraints. Well done, Liv.

Patti Knight

This book was written flawlessly! An eye-opener for debt management it gives hope to those who may be intimidated or overwhelmed with financial challenges. Liv Babra covers most topics and information that you don't find anywhere else and makes the world of finance a lot easier to understand. Well researched, pleasant to read, and empowers readers. A generous contribution by Liv Babra!

Viviana Puello
CEO ArtTour International Publications, Inc.